Stylish Glazed Partitions Fitted Throughout Ware

Create Stylish Office Spaces With Minimal Fuss

Partitioning offers an inexpensive method of breaking up office space, creating breakout areas and tailored enclosed offices within your company premises. The installation is quick and efficient, minimising your company downtime, keeping costs low. It is also much easier to reverse and change when compared to building full walls!

At WJ Interiors we specialised in glazed partitions, which add a touch of class to any office or retail space. Glazed systems are great for breaking your office space up with sleek and stylish design that’s easy to install and very easy to maintain. Along with suspended ceilings, the height and location can be adjusted, allowing us to tailor our partitioning services specifically for your business.

We can install a wide variety of partitions, including plain glass, frosted glass, tinted glass and curved glass. Offering a wealth of experience, we work in Ware and throughout the Hertfordshire area.


Suspended Ceilings

Flooring Installations

Electrical Work

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We Can Handle The Full Project

Our team takes the time to understand your needs and will design a partition system that reflects your business. From affordable, simple designs to more intricate designs with ‘invisible’ frames, curved sections and double-glazed units, we will ensure that your installation meets all your requirements.

Our team is available 6 days a week, and aims to work at a time that suits you. We always ensure to get your approval before calling a job done, and will fully clean up after ourselves, so all you need to do is enjoy your new space!